The Wineries

Check back often - more wineries on their way!

Alexander & Wayne

While most small wineries specialize in just a few varieties, producing them in significant quantities, the Alexander and Wayne philosophy is one of producing small lots of many different varieties and blends. At any given time we will have as many as 15 different wines to sample and purchase in our tasting room.

Valley View Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

We present Cabernet Franc both as a single-varietal wine and in a Bordeaux-style blend, Mille Delices.

The Brander Vineyard

The Brander Vineyard is one of the original vineyards in Santa Ynez Valley and is the producer of world-class Sauvignon Blanc wines in a variety of styles, as well as small quantities of hand-crafted Bordeaux-style red wines.

Estate Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

Bouchet is another name the French use for Cabernet Franc in the Bordeaux region and we feel it is an appropriate name for our estate grown, Bordeaux-style blend.

Blackjack Ranch

It is my goal to produce wines at Blackjack Ranch that will be both pleasurable and memorable. The Ranch is planted with Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Chardonnay. Rootstocks were selected primarily for low yields. The topography ranges from level to treacherously steep rolling hillsides with blocks such as Billy Goat Hill, Suicide Hill, and Hamburger's Hill.

Estate Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

Estate Cabernet Franc is presented in two Bordeaux-style blends: Harmonie and Allusion.

Buttonwood Farm Winery

Buttonwood Farm Winery is a small gem set amidst the splendor of Santa Barbara County's Santa Ynez Valley. The 39-acre vineyard stretches across a sun-drenched mesa on the entire mesa on the eastern portion of the 106-acre property. The vineyard was planted in 1983 and includes approximately 4 acres of own-rooted Cabernet Franc.

Estate Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

We present Cabernet Franc in several different ways and styles each vintage. Our barrel-select 100% Cabernet Franc bottling, as a key ingredient in our flagship Bordeaux blend Trevin and our elegant homage to our founder, BW. Cabernet Franc is also key to Hawk Red, a wine for Wednesdays, BBQs and Friday Night pizza.

Carr Vineyards & Winery

Carr Vineyards Winery specializes in ultra-premium, limited-production wines from Santa Barbara County.

Camp Four Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

We are pleased to present our 100% Cabernet Franc release from the Santa Ynez Valley.

Foxen 7200

Bill Wathen and Dick Doré have been making wine together since 1985, when they founded Foxen Winery & Vineyard at the historic Rancho Tinaquaic in northern Santa Barbara County.

Rock Hollow Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

Tinaquac Vineyard,
Santa Maria Valley

Two vineyards are showcased in our Cabernet Franc designated releases.

Great Oaks Ranch

Vines, Wines, Horses, Cowboys and Cows are joined by the five dogs that are always bounding around Nancy and Michael’s heels. There are great oaks on the property and great things coming from the property. Great Oaks Ranch and Vineyard - a blue ribbon kind of place.

Estate Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

Our estate-grown Cabernet Franc is a key component to our Windmill Hill Cuvée Bordeaux blend.

Habit Wine Company

Jeff Fischer, a working actor who pays the bills doing voiceover work on such shows as American Dad!, puts nearly every spare hour and dollar he has toward Habit Wine Company.

Happy Canyon Vineyard,
Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara

I use Cabernet Franc in my classic meritage blend Habit Red, where it lends its characteristic complex earthiness.

Lucas & Lewellen

The vineyards of Lucas & Lewellen are located in the three principal wine grape growing regions of Santa Barbara County: the Santa Maria Valley, the Los Alamos Valley, and the Santa Ynez Valley. These valleys all run west from the coastal mountains to the Pacific Ocean, allowing warm days and cool nights to produce a long, gentle growing season. From the finest estate grown grapes come the finest wines.

Valley View Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

We are pleased to present our 100% Cabernet Franc estate wine!

Longoria Wines

Established in 1982, Longoria Wines is a small, family-owned winery producing acclaimed artisanal wines from some of the finest vineyards in Santa Barbara County. Pioneer winemaker Rick Longoria has been involved in the local wine industry since 1976. His wines are distinctive for their purity of varietal and site expression, balance and compatibility with food.

Alisos Vineyard,
Santa Barbara County

We feature Cabernet Franc in two proprietary blends: Blues Cuvée and Evidence.


Nestled quietly in the Vintner's Plaza in Santa Maria, California, we have been producing increasingly outstanding, award-winning and unique wines since 1982. We specialize in Bordeaux, but we also make many different and unique varietal wines and blends. Our focus is on single-vineyard, handcrafted wines at an affordable price. Our passion for winemaking lies in every bottle.

Santa Barbara County

We're please to present our Reserve Cabernet Franc.

Rusack Vineyards

Nestled in picturesque Ballard Canyon in the center of Santa Ynez Valley, amidst oak-studded rolling hills lies Rusack Vineyards, a boutique vineyard and winery dedicated to growing top-quality grapes and producing outstanding handcrafted wines.

Lucas & Lewellen,
Santa Barbara County

Rusack Estate,
Santa Ynez Valley

Our flagship Bordeaux style red wine, Anacapa, is comprised mostly of Cabernet Franc (80%), but also of Merlot (5%) and Petit Verdot (15%).


Sforzando Wines purchases a very small amount of fruit from friends of ours in the vineyard world and make wines that we feel represent Santa Barbara County. Since 2005 we have been producing small amounts of Cabernet Franc, Gewürztraminer, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hallauer Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

We’re pleased to present our Cabernet Franc from the 2009 vintage.

Silver Wines

Benjamin Silver currently produces extremely small bottlings of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier, Mourvedre, Syrah, Nebbiolo and Sangiovese from Santa Barbara County.

Tierra Alta Vineyard,
Santa Ynez Valley

We offer Cabernet Franc as a single-varietal wine.